UPInvester - Earn money easily and smartly


UPInvester is a new, modern online service that makes it easy for you to start earning money regularly without any worries from the comfort of your home.

Everything works quite simply and you can start earning money today. All you have to do is sign up and follow the instructions to make an initial deposit of at least $100. All your deposits are fully secured on our behalf, so based on your request, they will be returned to you in the full amount!

UPInvester then starts to increase the value of your money automatically by modern ways of investment, for example by investing in start-ups with ambitions of entering the stock market (IPO). You're then just tracking the earnings that are credited every working day, and you can see how the value of the money you deposited, regularly increases. You yourself do not have to set or manage anything. Everything is completely automatic and very clear. Of course, you can also apply to collect your earnings at any time.

The UPInvester service valuates finance through modern ways with high growth potential and therefore, it achieves long-term high stable earnings. You can read for yourself, how the service works and look at the achieved results. With this modern service, you can finally start safe and risk-free earning.

They say about us

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I would recommend the service to others because this is a simple way of earning and therefore, it's suitable for everyone.


It's the best way of earning for beginners and those, who don't have time to track investment opportunities.


It allows you to receive a regular income without having to do anything complicated, and analyses other options through complex methods.


Use is simple and you can start almost instantly. Then you can just watch how your money regularly appreciates.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our service

How does the service work?

Our service really works very simply. After signing-up, just log-in to the Portal and follow the instructions to make a primary deposit at the minimum value of $100. We will process your deposit and send you a confirmation email upon its receipt. From the following business day, you can see how your revenue is credited by using the Portal. You don't have to set anything up yourself, everything works completely automatically.

How can the money be invested?

We continually watch hundreds of investment opportunities over very long periods and very carefully, then, we select only those that have the most profitable potential at an acceptable level of risk. Current projects to which we invest, include for example, technology start-ups with global reach and ambitions of entering the stock market, manufacturing companies that produce unique patented products, digital agencies providing unrivaled local services, or standard stock of growing companies or for example cryptocurrency.

How can I begin investing?

You can start investing and make regular earnings very easily. After signing-up, just log in to the Portal and follow the instructions to make a primary deposit at the minimum value of $100. Subsequently, you can see how you are credited to revenue in the Portal.

How is the revenue credited?

Revenue is credited every working day for the previous business day. A summary of all your earnings is available on the Portal. Revenues are always calculated from the total amount invested, including all revenues credited. These revenues are final (no fees or commissions are deducted).

How much can I earn?

The minimum amount of interests (returns) on your deposits is 24% p.a. (annually). However, this is only the minimum guaranteed amount (you will always get it). The maximum possible revenue level is unlimited. In the past years, we have earned up to 84% per year (7% per month). Our priority is to offer our clients a long-term high valuation.

What are the charges?

Registration as well as the use of our service is completely free. We don't charge anything. It's only necessary to count the charges associated with the deposits and withdrawals that are charged by companies mediating money transfers.

What is a Portal?

You can log into the Portal at https://portal.upinvester.com and this is an online section accessible only to our registered clients. Our clients can track their earnings, make deposits and withdrawals, and perform all the additional necessary operations associated with their account. The entire Portal works on a secure encrypted SSL connection, so you don't have to worry about your data.

How can I register?

On the introductory page, just fill in the registration form, where you can enter your name and email. You will then be redirected to the Portal where you can track revenue and make deposits and withdrawals. Your password required to login is immediately sent to your e-mail address.

Where can I find my password?

Your password is sent to you immediately after filling in the registration form to the email address you've provided.

What if I haven't received my password?

On the Portal login page, click on "Forgot your password?" and on the following page, fill in the email address you provided when registering. Your password will be sent to you in return to this email.

How to Log in?

You can log in at https://portal.upinvester.com. You must enter the email address you provided at registration and the password has been sent to the email after registration.

How can I change my password?

Log in to the Portal and select Settings from the left menu. You can set a new password on this page.

How can I make a deposit?

Log in to the Portal and click the Deposits link in the left menu. On this page, you will see exactly how you can make a deposit. Your deposit can be made via bank transfer, through a PayPal payment gateway that processes credit card payments or other currently available options. Processing and crediting takes approximately 1-3 business days (depending on the payment method). The minimum deposit is $100, the maximum amount is unlimited.

What if I send a deposit with the wrong variable symbol?

If you make a deposit with a wrong (or none) variable symbol, immediately contact us and send us a confirmation of the payments you made so that we can re-trace it and associate it with your account.

Can I lose my deposits?

You can't lose your deposits. Since our service is based on the investments in the form of the loans you provide, we always have to pay the full amount of your deposits, including guaranteed interests.

How are deposits secured?

All your deposits are secured by a loan agreement that is automatically concluded between us upon your registration, based on our Terms and Conditions. By doing so, we are legally required to pay you all your funds, including guaranteed interest, according to the agreed terms and condtions. You can find all the terms and conditions below in the Portal, in the Terms and Conditions Section.

How can I make withdrawals?

Log in to the Portal and click on the Withdrawals link in the left menu. On this page, you can find all information related to making a withdrawal. To make a withdrawal, simply select the payment method you want and fill in all the required information. You can always make withdrawals in the total amount of 10% in the total amount of all deposits in 30 calendar days. Your withdrawal request will be processed in 5 working days.

How do I withdraw the entire current balance?

You can withdraw the entire current balance only when you request terminating co-operation, which is done in the Portal in the Settings section. Collaboration can be terminated at the earliest after 3 months from the date we received your first deposit. Then, enter the account where you want to send the money. The entire current balance (total deposited funds + total accrued interest - processed withdrawals) will be sent to you in the form of one payment after termination of the notice period. The length of the notice period is precisely defined in the Terms and Conditions.

How does everything work legally?

By signing-up, you automatically agree to our Terms and Conditions, which therefore serves as a legal basis for our co-operation. Therefore, all your deposits are interpreted as provided non-purpose loans with variable interest (there is minimum limit and a maximum is not set), for an indefinite period according to § 2395 et seq. of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code, as amended. We can then use the funds provided for any type of investment.

Where can I find the exact terms and conditions for co-operation?

Once you have signed into the Portal, you can find the complete wording of our terms and conditions for our co-operation and you can also view the print version.

How can I terminate the co-operation?

After loging into the Portal, select the Settings link in the left pane. On the next page, in the Terminate Co-operation section, enter the account where you want the money to be sent. The entire current balance (total deposited funds + total accrued interest - processed withdrawals) will be sent to you in the form of one payment after the termination of the notice period. The length of the notice period is precisely defined in the Terms and Conditions. The co-operation can be terminated at the earliest after 3 months from the date we received your first deposit.

Who is the provider?

The service provider of UPInvester.com is SERIOZA s.r.o. headquartered in Prague 1, Rybná 716/24, postcode 11000, Czech Republic, Business ID No.: 28242637. The company has a history of ten years and its representatives are professionals with more than 15 years of experience in finance, investments, marketing, advertising and general business both domestically and abroad, which enable them to analyse and evaluate current investment opportunities effectively.